Sunday, May 2, 2021

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Another review ( of two releases in which I'm involved ) - this time in dutch language . . .

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- Here is one part of the review - translated into english . . .

Every summer Sascha Stadlmeier, often working under his alias EMERGE, hosts Attenuation Circuit in the home base Augsburg the re:flexions sound-art festival. Even last year that worked, although in a slimmed form and this year it's on the schedule again. Recordings of the 2020 edition also recently appeared on CD: 'r I ɘ', with five pieces in which various musicians sought cooperation. Some of these musicians have now also published new albums. Boban Ristevski and Occupied Head, aka Dieter Mauson, together made ′′ The Secret Teachers... / (Taǰnite učiteli)... '' also appeared at Attenuation Circuit and Gintas K realized ′′ The Ways ′′ in his own management. ′′ Human Interbreeding ′′ is called the first piece on 'r I ɘ', (how do you pronounce this?), on which we hear Bu.d.d.A., Chris Sigdell and Stadlmeier ourselves, together with trumpeter Fabbri and Hosihko Yamane. Bu.d.d.A. came here earlier with ′′ All Der Gute Dinge Drei '' when we noticed the dark, industrial character in particular. There is certainly now too, but because of cooperation with Fabbri, especially how those high notes of his trumpet cut the dark clouds and Yamane this is a completely different piece. Occupied Head, Ristevski and Agente Costura, the last one with a sewing machine in the weather, add a shovel in 'Sudden Descent' and provide excellent industrial needs. Gintas Kraptavičius we hear here together with Calineczka, the alias of Ścisław Dercz and Wilfried Hanrath in 'Closer Musings', creating a beautiful subtle sound landscape, with a great wealth of special sounds. Lee Enfield, or James Wyness we hear together with Sabīne Moore, Waterflower and Peter Holzknecht, KOMPRIPIOTR in the spooky 'Scare Up'. Dark sound nebulae makes you walk down the spine, only the rhythmic pattern offers some lighting. In the last piece, 'Ferch' we hear Deep, Stefan Vetter and Bernd Spring and N, Hellmut Neidhardt, in a very subdued set, atmospheric nebulae pass us by.

Thanks to Ben Taffijn.

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Audioscenarion 011 [February 2021]

We quickly grasp what life takes from us, but what life gives us again and again on a small scale, we drop carelessly.

Tracklist / Playlist:

00:00 Avass - Static
Av9x – Static

03:37 Gunuph - Last Breath Of The Universe

09:40 Gunuph - First View Of The Kimberley Formation [Ambient Online]…ion-11-mars

13:43 Janice And The Pink Monkeys - It Moves…ging-tree-01

20:22 Edmahnd - Cryptochromes
Edmahnd – Cryptochromes

25:55 vheissu77 - Halo

32:41 Fallen - Leggero É Il Vento [Lontano Series]

39:58 Cyborg See Cyborg Do - I Can Still Hear Their Voices

47:04 Boban Ristevski - Through The Pages Of Zen Buddhism And Psychoanalysis [Attenuation Circuit]

56:35 Edmahnd - In The Space Of A Breath [Moody Drones]

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Another playlist ; ) . . .

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Francisco López - Untitled #312 (phonographiq)
Boban Ristevski & Calineczka - Breathe (B) (Important Drone Records)
Chemiefaserwerk - Klanng (Falt)
Kenneth Kirschner - 03 October, 2011 (phonographiq)
kNN - Vernacolaria (Canti Magnetici)
A Distant Shore - All Borders Collapse To The Ground And We Finally Started Walk As Free People Pt. 2 (Drone Works International)
Blanket Swimming - Fomalhaut (Sunshine Cult Records)
Nocturnal Phase - Riding To Nowhere As Always 
Katatonic Silentio - Tex2re Framing (Biodiversità Records) 
Tiziano Tononi, Andrea Marinelli - Last Guitar Squeeze 
Antonio Valente - Liane (Antistandard Recs)
Ignacio Cordoba, Sara Persico - I (Luminance Records)
Oceani (Bad Girl, Simone Doria, LDGU) - Bioluminescent plankton at the feet of Blue Giant (homage to Osvaldo Licini)

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Review from Vital Weekly ; ) . . .



BOBAN RISTEVSKI & CALINECZKA - BREATHE (cassette by Important Drone Records)

Radical is also the start of former Vital Weekly scribe Boban Ristevski, who teams up with the label boss Calineczka. For the first ten or so minutes there is a very deep bass rumble, which goes largely unnoticed when played at a modest volume (my favourite setting), but slowly other sounds crawl into the mix and the radical bass is filtered, so it all becomes more audible. It is hard to say what exactly those sounds are, but my best guess is some sort of slowed down field recording. The piece on the other side is more on the same dynamic level throughout and consists of a vibrating or rotating sound, like a heating system being filtered through a modular set-up and here too there is that field recording that goes along with this. It adds a fine irregularity to the music, which is, come to think of it, something unusual for this label. The first bit of the first side was a bit too radical for tape replication but after that, it was all most pleasant, and after the radicalness of Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge, this was a wealth to hear! (FdW)
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